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FFIC 2021 Spring Grand Finals: Top 5 Player to Watch Out for

The clock is ticking. The day that everybody has been waiting for is rapidly approaching. More than a month’s hard work will all culminate in just one day. The Grand Finale of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring is right around the corner. Fans around the country are starting to don the colors of their favourite team. They already know who they want to cheer for. In case you still haven’t made up your mind about who to keep an eye out for, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most promising players in the tournament. These are the top 5 players that you should look out for during the FFIC 2021 Spring  Grand Finals.

5. SRV – Golden

Survivors 4AM have had a breakout performance in the League Stage. They were one of the teams that came in from the open qualifiers, and despite not having competed in any previous seasons, were able to prove to the world that they are a force to be reckoned with. A major contributor to their team’s success has been their anchor – Golden. By the end of Day 8 of the League Stage, Golden already found himself in the top 5 players of the tournament with 46 kills and 25343 damage in just 30 matches. Survivors 4AM went from underdog to apex predator really fast. 

While people might believe Xmania to be their X-factor, and the key player behind several clutches, the contribution of Golden often goes overlooked. Yes, Xmania might have been responsible for several clip-worthy plays that might have won them some games, but the consistent damage output from Golden makes him a great centerpiece around whom players like Xmania can flank and run rampant. 

4. GXR – Aman

Aman has been a pillar upon which his team can reach new heights. Upon the formation of this team, everyone’s eyes were on Vasiyo. After all, he is one of the most experienced players in the country. However, Vasiyo himself hasn’t been feeling himself lately. Perhaps it is harder to commandeer the entire team, which might be affecting his own personal performance. It is after all very difficult to adapt to new roles. 

However, to save Vasiyo and his team from plight came Aman. He has been super consistent for the team both during the league stage and during the play-ins. During the League Stages, he was in the top 5 players, with 48 kills and 25566 damage (after 36 games). During the play-ins, he stepped up yet again, getting 11 kills and the second-highest damage stats – 5606 damage!

All of this makes him one of the best players to keep an eye on. 

3. CPT – Ginotra

Team Captains consists of some experienced veterans. This team has been very successful with its rotations, the timing of attacks, and macro movements. A lot of the credit for the same goes to Ginotra who takes the responsibility of leading from the front. There have been several moments where he was able to guide his team to safety in a seemingly impossible-to-escape situation. Of course, his 200 IQ land mine move in Week 2 will forever have us stumped. Sitting at 55 kills and 23174 Damage with only 30 games in, Ginotra has not only been able to look after his team successfully but also made sure that the burden of IGL-ing did not hamper his abilities.

2. TE – Pahadi

Pahadi has always been one of the players to watch out for. Even in the last season, he found himself in the top 5 players of the tournament, and this time, we are not surprised that he is here. By the end of the 8th day of the league stage, Pahadi had 55 kills and 31453 damage. While the number of kills might be the same for him and Ginotra, but Pahadi dished out 7000 damage more, which makes him a super deadly player. He was also nominated as one of the best snipers in the country. No matter what range, you can rely on him to deliver some spicy frags. 

1. 6S – MrJayYT

Here is the definition of the word ‘hyper carry’. Mr Jay YT has always been the MVP for Sixth Sense, even when they were called XTZ Esports. In the previous season of FFIC 2020 Fall, he was the man responsible for propelling his team into the top 3. This time, he did something even better. He got them all the way to the top. Sitting at 73 kills and 32204 damage, nobody even comes CLOSE to what stats he has put up. The nearest kill leader at the second place did not even cross the 60-kill barrier, while MrJayYT is already at 70+. This should give you a fair idea of how dominant he was. He keeps on improving every season, and this time he has turned into a ruthless killing machine. His team enables him to slay enemies and backs him up in any way possible to gain an even deadlier edge. Will he be able to lead his team to victory this season?

FFIC 2021 Spring Grand Finals

There is only one way to find out. Watch the FFIC 2021 Spring Grand Finals live on 21st March 2021 at 6 PM IST on our official Free Fire Esports India Youtube channel.

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