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Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021: Grand Finals Recap

The FreeFire Bangladesh Championship 2021 Grand Finals lived up to its hype. Apart from viewership records being broken in Bangladesh, the action, packed a punch too. The teams who were anticipated to perform and shine among the other grand finalists didn’t disappoint us either. There was a cutthroat competition and it came down to the wire. The champions usurped the crown just at the final second. No one expected such high octane action from every team, especially at such a grand platform. 

The first round in Bermuda was slow at the start. As predicted, the nerves were still settling in and players were still getting warmed up. However, teams were certainly methodical. Once the game got heated up after 12 mins on the clock, the teams went on a full-blown brawl and no one shied away from a fight. B26 Mystics prioritized the zone and made early rotations towards good compounds which gave them a big boost in the finishing circles. They had complete control of the last zone which eventually gave them a booyah! with ease. They had 12 kills to start the day off.

The second round in Purgatory was a different affair. It was bloody from the get-go and teams were in full combat mode to fight head-on. The unpredictable aspect of Purgatory carried on as B26 fell out within the first few minutes as the 12th positioned team. A team that had a booyah with 12 kills going out early did raise some eyebrows. However, what happened next didn’t surprise many. A flurry of kills went down and the final 5 teams had a good number of kill points in their bag. Team Agent EXP had the most of them with 7kills. They kept all 4 of their players safe while playing the edge of the zone tactic. In spite of that, they had the most control over the territory. Eventually, they squared off against an injured Team Swag in the last battle. Team Agent reigned supreme as they got a thumping booyah with 14 kills.

The third match was Kalahari and here again, we saw some early fights. This map always favors those who rotate early according to the circle shifts and occupies the best positions inside it. Team Jawbreakers did that and they followed along. They fell back from unnecessary fights and put them in good vantage points. As a result, they were rewarded. They wiped out team B26 Mystics. Team Infinity was also among the victims. Jawbreakers were finally in full flow and Freak was showing his class on this map. Team Swag kept up the ante as well. With back-to-back consistent performances, it looked like Team swag can actually overturn the table with a standout game. They were very relevant on the points table and looked to be a potential threat. However, it was again a numbers game at the end as they went down against a healthy Jawbreakers. Jawbreakers getting their booyah with a good number of kills which propelled them to the very top of the leader board. 

Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 Final Standings Score

The fourth game saw the return of Bermuda and the revival of B26 Mystics. This team looked to be the most comfortable out of all the teams on this map in spite of the fact that they weren’t able to replicate the performance on the other maps. After two shady games, they got an opportunity to seek redemption and they did that in style. In this one, they didn’t want to go heavy against their opposition. B26 stayed safe and away from fights mostly while teams like Jawbreakers and Agent Exp racked up kill points. Even Team Xenon had a good outing in this one. When the circle zeroed in, it was total chaos. Team B26 came out on top in that ruckus. And cemented their position as Bermuda perfectos as they clinched both the Bermuda maps of the day. 

The next map Purgatory had a lot of early fights as usual. The circle was a typical purgatory circle ending nearby Brazilia. This time around Team Agent and Team Xenon were peppering their competition heavily. Agents wiped out Team Infinity while Xenon too got kills in their kitty. However, two teams, Team Riot and Team Extreme Ex went close in this one. They had two different approaches towards the game. Extreme Ex went for a long rotation orbiting just inside the blue zone and avoiding terror. Team Riot cut through their opposition and bagged kills in the process. However, in the final square off, it was Team Extreme Ex who was on top and got a booyah with 5 kills. 

At this stage, The Jawbreakers built a healthy points buffer for themselves before the final game. It looked like because of their consistency; they would take away the crown. Little did they know that Team Agent had other ideas. In Kalahari, all hell broke loose and Team Agent crushed anyone who came on their path. They got a booyah with 14 kills, the man Zisan getting 6 himself. However, the real star of the show was Arnob. He clutched out a 1v1v1 situation for his team getting both the kills in extraordinary fashion and clinching the game.

Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 Champion Agent EXP

The tension was still on as even after the exhilarating game, the points were supposed to be close. The audience knew the competition was going to be cutthroat between Jawbreakers and Team Agent. When the scorecard was displayed, the dust settled. It was Team Agent with their amazing display in the final game who won the tags of FFBC Champions, and they did that by a margin of JUST 1 point! Jawbreakers miss out on the title courtesy to a single kill point! Team Swag came third with 74 points and Team Riot and B26 Mystics followed up. It was sad to see Team B26 with two booyah’s and yet not enough points to make it inside the top 3. However, Team Agent and Jawbreakers fought until the last whistle, and really made the first-ever Freefire Bangladesh Championship, a phenomenon that will be remembered for a long time to come. A new era begins!

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