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Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 Grand Finals: Top 5 Teams to Watch Out For

The Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 gave us some incredible teams. Some who were already well known in the region, while some who weren’t but now have made a massive impact in the scene. As the FFBC Grand Finals come closer, it’s time to look at the top teams who are expected to make their presence felt. Here’s our top 5 for the FFBC Grand finals:

5. Team Electro

Shouldn’t really surprise a lot of people. Team Electro racked up the highest points in the league phase of the tournament and the reason is simple. Consistency. The side had a strong start and continued that way throughout the tournament. Group A didn’t have much competition however Team Electro proved to be a tough nut to crack for teams from other groups too. Their slow and methodical approach and Shuvo’s individual brilliance at times have proved to be quite helpful. This team relies on being 4 men strong, even in the finishing circles, and getting to a good vantage point.

4. Team Infinity

Another Group A team, the only other team that crossed the 100 point mark in the league stages. Both Team infinity and Team Electro have similar playing patterns and that has resulted in a lot of exciting last circle duels between them. Team infinity is probably more aggressive of the two however the difference is marginal. If we compare stats side by side, Team Electro has more kill points than them, however, Team Infinity has the risk-taking tendency, the urge to rush and play aggressively, something which can be very effective in the Grand Finals where the nerves tend to take over the players. That’s why Team Infinity would be at no. 4 in our list.

3. B26 Mystics

The only team on the list who comes in from the play-ins. Team B26 Mystics have the potential to rack up plenty of kills along with getting a booyah! This didn’t really help them during the league stage because of the League Point Conversion where a team can get 20 points max in one day. However, that system is not going to be present in the grand finals. If they have a good day, they can give the other finalists a run for their money. Bladers and Shottz are two amazing players they have in their arsenal and can certainly bring back quite a lot of points. Purgatory is a map where they are very strong and that can actually turn into a hunting ground for them in the Grand Finals.

2. Jawbreakers

This team has been thrashing the competition since Day 1. Very few teams have been able to survive the carnage they brought in. Cheetah is an absolute beast. He runs into enemy territory, infiltrates, and obliterates them without hesitating once. Why will he? The likes of sadness and Nayeem Alam have provided him with enough support and have been the true pillar of the team. They were almost always in the top 3 of the Day’s points table if not the very top. The kills are sublime, the mechanical skills are top-notch. On their given day, they can easily give themselves 3 booyahs! This is one team that is more likely to have more kill points than position points in their kitty so watch out for them before they extinguish the competition.

1. Agent EXP

The only team that can withstand, hold back, or even ricochets Team Jawbreakers would be this team. The team that is most likely to win the tag of Bangladeshi Champs. If Jawbreakers had Cheetah, Agent has Zisan. This man is a devil with a sniper rifle. He is so good that it is expected of him to be the top fragger of the team in spite of having the sniper role. However, the only reason why we choose Team Agent EXP over Jawbreakers is that this entire side is made up of match winners. Jamil can bring down an army himself. To put it in other words, he has had games where he solo-ed 9 kills. Sabbir and Jamil would probably be called partners in crime, where one steps up if the other doesn’t. If both of them do, they can summon hell. Amidst of this glamour of frags, Arnob holds the team like a rock. The perfect support. However, when the team needs, a Clutch God.

It remains to be seen which one of these teams actually shows up on the Grand Finals. We have to keep in mind, bigger the stakes, the higher the pressure. This is going to be the biggest day in the history of the Bangladeshi Free Fire. Whoever manages the pressure better, will come out victorious.

Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 Grand Finals
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