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Free Fire City Open – Frequently Asked Questions

The registrations for the Free Fire City Open started off from 26th Apr 2021 via in-game FFC Mode and you might have encountered various questions regarding the understanding of this tournament. Now you don’t have to worry as we have got you covered. Below are some of the commonly asked questions;

Q1. Which regions are allowed to participate?

The Free Fire City Open is open to Indian nationals only. 

Q2. If I live in Pune, can I take part in the Mumbai city qualifier? 

All cities are representative of the entire state, so for example to participate in the Mumbai city qualifier, you can be from anywhere in Maharashtra. 

Q3. I am originally from Mumbai but I stay in Delhi. Which city do I participate in?

Participants can take part from any city as long as they have a valid Aadhar card of the city they want to represent. 

Q4. What is the prize pool of the tournament? 

The prize pool of the tournament is INR 60,00,000. 

Q5. Can 3 players from the same city and 2 from different cities form a team?

A team is eligible to participate if they maintain at least 3 members from the same city/state? 

Q6. How are the 12 teams selected to go to the National Finals?

The top 8 teams from each City finals will proceed to the National Finals. The top 2 teams from the Wildcard finals will be selected for the National Finals and the top 2 teams from the Play-Ins will be selected for the National Finals. 

Q7. What if we do not have 3 people from the same region? Will we be able to participate? 

Teams which do not have at least 3 people from the same city/state, will automatically be eligible for the Wildcard Qualifier where the top 12 teams from the rest of India are selected through FFC for the Wildcard Finals. 

Q8. How to register? 

You can register via the FFC mode in-game which will be available from the 26th of April. All players have to be at least level 40and diamond rank to register in the FFC.

Q9. Is there an age limit for the participants? 

Anyone who is above the age of 12 before January 2021 can participate in the tournament.

Q10. How are the top 12 teams selected? How is their city determined? 

The top teams from the FFC will undergo a verification process. All participants must possess a valid Govt ID. Participants that fail to provide a valid Aadhar Card will be disqualified. 

Q11. How are the Play-ins teams decided?

Play-ins will be selected from the city finals, who are placed 2nd-4th in the city finals. The teams will be divide into two Play-ins matches, Play-ins 1 and 2. The top 6 teams from Play-ins 1 and 2 will reach Play-ins finals. Top 2 from the Play-ins finals will reach the National finals.

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