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Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring: Grand Finals Recap

Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring

Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring

They reached for the stars, they shine bright like the sun, and even in the darkest of nights, they did not give up. The universe aligned and now they’ve sent a message all across the cosmos, that one must never count them out until the championship is over. Galaxy Racer is your Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring winner!

They walk home with the lion’s share of the 75 Lakh INR prize pool and get to represent in the Free Fire World Series in Singapore next month. Galaxy Racer had a pretty difficult time to get the win today, overtaking the then-table toppers Team Chaos by a 2 point margin in the last game. TechKK from Team Chaos was crowned as the MVP of the Grand Finals as he had 16 kills and 4264 damage. Despite his stellar performance, the victory was stolen away from them by Galaxy Racer at the last moment. Let’s take a look at all the exciting storylines out of the Grand Final. 

Nemesis won the first booyah, but then fell down eventually

It was an unexpected turn of events when Nemesis came out on top in the opening game of Bermuda. Galaxy Racer held the zone advantage for up until the fifth circle, but the sixth circle gave Nemesis the advantage. They had a player in there already, and since he secured the zone, it was easy for the remaining three to move in. With all four players alive and the circle gods on their side, they took home the first win of the finals. However, they failed to maintain that position later on and slipped down to sixth place by the end of the day. 

The defending champions Total Gaming finished dead last

Around 35 percent of the fans voted that Total Gaming would win the tournament. Given their performances in the last season of FFIC, the FFCS, and FFTI, one would expect them to do well, if not win. However, to everyone’s dismay, Total Gaming finished 12th place with only 16 points. They scored only 3 points in the first three games. 

Team Chaos wins two back-to-back booyahs!

In the second game, Team Chaos really showed us what it means to be dominant. Purgatory has always been one of their strongest maps. They played to their strengths and rotated as nobody else could. In an amazing turn of events, even after they were stuck outside the zone in a precarious position, they maintained a good bit of suppressive fire to keep opponents in check while not slowing down on their footwork. Once in the final circle, the zone zeroed in a way where none of the teams had an advantage. TechKK took matters into his own hands and bombarded them with a hand cannon. Once he secured a knock, he rushed in with the akimbo vector to secure the win.

Later in Kalahari too, they were able to win, while not being in any sort of a position where they could have won. With the zone not exactly favouring them per se, all they relied on was their timing. They third partied the last squad while they were vulnerable and got the booyah in a stylish manner. 

With two wins in the bag, they had a massive 20 points lead over the second-placed team at a time. They maintained their position on the top from the second game to the second last game. Only in the very last game, they got dethroned. 

Galaxy Racer clutch the tournament and steal the trophy right under their noses

Galaxy Racer won the booyah in the fourth game of Bermuda. It was a well-fought victory where they had to shoot their way into the zone. The circle closing weirdly on the slopes near Bimasakti Strip and Plantation added to the trouble, but Galaxy Racer used the terrain to their advantage. They used explosives smartly to displace enemies from their camping spots and then used their superior firepower to win the game. 

However, the real magic happened in the very last game. Before Kalahari began, Team Chaos was still on top, followed by Team Elite in second place and Galaxy Racer in third. Fortunately for them, Team Chaos were the first ones to die in that game. With their points progression halted, it was now down to Team Elite and Galaxy Racers to make the most out of this opportunity. 

The circle closed in near The Sub. A massive cluster fight erupted there in the last circle with more than 6 squads engaged in the battle against each other. Vasiyo started to pull off big brain moves. He kept his team away at a safe distance, and he himself stayed close to the epicenter of the action. From this position, he could shoot away and disrupt the enemy teams. Even though it was risky and he could have died, his objective there was not to stay alive, but to cause as much confusion in the opponent camp. To put it in simple terms, he became the monkey wrench and kept his team away from danger. When Nemesis came close to them, Vasiyo’s position turned into a vantage point from where they could pressure Nemesis from multiple angles. While all of this was happening, Last Breath moved into the next circle and got in the perfect position to win the booyah! However, the deed was done. Even though Galaxy Racer did not win the game, they got the second position and picked up enough kills to push them over the edge and into first place on the leaderboard.

Their amazing coordination and Vasiyo’s sacrificial play resulted in them becoming the champions of India’s biggest Free Fire tournament at the last moment! Team Chaos missed out on the title because of tiny mistakes in the last game, and GXR overtook them by 2 points to win the championship. Regardless, Team Chaos will go on to participate in the Play-Ins of the Free Fire World Series which will take place in May this year. The winner – Galaxy Racer has already qualified for the Finals of the Free Fire World Series which will be held in Singapore. 

A hearty congratulations to all the teams, and we wish them the best of luck for the future! 

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