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Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring: Play-Ins Recap

The Play-Ins of the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring is, without a doubt, a true test of skill and resilience. In just one day of six matches, six teams would punch their tickets to the grand finals, and for the other six teams, their journey in FFIC 2021 Spring would come to an end right here. 

We would like to congratulate Team D Esports, Last Breath, Galaxy Racers, Nemesis, LVL Iconic, and Ankush Free Fire for qualifying into the grand finals. 

Let’s take a look at what happened in the Play-Ins, and how these teams were able to make their mark. 

Team Revolution failed even after having an early advantage

Revolution started the day with a bang. A great win on Bermuda meant that they were on the top with a great amount of advantage. It was a hard-fought victory with several kills along with the booyah. Most of the matches today were very passive in the early circles, and as a result, there were too many teams alive for the last few circles, making it impossible for them to survive. Even though Team Revolution did not have the best position, the timing of their attack made everything work for them. They took down Galaxy Racers and Last Breath in order to confirm the win in the first match. However, after that, their performances in all the other games were somewhat lackluster. Some early eliminations caused the rock-solid foundation that they laid early on in the day to shake. They kept on slipping even further and further and eventually fell out of the top 6. Unable to recover their form from earlier in the day, they were the only team to win a match and yet not qualify. It was a great misfortune. 

Galaxy Racers with great consistency

Galaxy Racers led by Vasiyo were right on top of the score table as soon as Revolution slipped. They rotated really well and inched their way to victory in Purgatory. They did not have the zone advantage and were on the low ground too, but even after that, they were able to return fire on the teams with better positioning. With some crisp and clean headshots, they were after their win in the second game, they’re able to blow the opposition out of their high castles. After their win in the second game, they got several high placements in the next few games which allowed them to stay on top of the scoreboard for a long time.

Only after Team D got 2 booyah’s, did they overthrow Galaxy Racers as the table toppers. 

D for Double – prepare for trouble

Team D clinched a textbook victory in the third map of Kalahari. They abused the high ground, forced opponents to make errors, lured them out of their comfort zones, and accurately identified their win criteria. They were the masters of manipulation in that game, which led to an effortless victory. Team D managed to thwart their enemies’ plans with great suppressive fire and utility usage. All of this got them a great bunch of kills along with a booyah. 

What’s even more impressive is that they were able to repeat the same performance in the fifth game of Purgatory as well. The circle closed in around fields, and naturally, there was a major scarcity of real estate. Very few compounds were available to hide in. Team D managed to get inside a house and call it their own till the end of the game. They did not even let anyone get close. After setting several landmine traps and unleashing a hailstorm of lead on anyone who tried to capture their house, they drove away most of the intruders. Because other teams like Revolution, Last Breath, and White House were all fighting among themselves as the zone forced them closer to each other, Team D sat at a safe distance, peacefully eating their popcorn and preparing themselves for the inevitable win. When the gunshots died down and the last few survivors of Team White House were bleeding and hemorrhaging internally, Team D struck the iron while it was hot and got their second Booyah of the day. 

This propelled them to the top of the points table. With the number one place already secured, all they had to do was not die early in the last game. Even though the last game was indeed horrible for them, the deed was done and they couldn’t be dethroned.

FF Esports 2021 Play Ins Final Standings

Ankush Free Fire and Nemesis also qualify on the basis of standout performances

Ankush Free Fire was able to win the booyah in the fourth game on Bermuda, whereas Nemesis bagged the win in the last game on Kalahari. Both these teams did not really display the best of consistency, but because of their victory in that one standout game, they got enough points to stay afloat in the top 6. They certainly have some chinks in their armor that they need to fill before the start of the finals. If they are able to do so, then there is absolutely nothing that can stop them. 

Last Breath – Koushik crowned as the MVP

Team Last Breath finished second in the overall standings with 69 points. They were more consistent than any other team out there and were the only team in the top 6 that managed to qualify without winning a single booyah. However, they made up for their lack of a win with top 5 placements in almost every game, thus generating a constant inflow of points that they can rely on. Additionally, they were tied at 35 kills with Team D Esports. A major contributor to this massive number of frags was Koushik, who killed 13 people and dished out 6928 damage that day. Such excellent performance enabled his team to come out with flying colors, and he was crowned as the MVP for that. Nobody else came even close to his numbers, with the nearest contender at 11 kills. 

So for now, the teams qualified that qualified for the Grand Finale via the Play-Ins are:

1. Team D Esports

2. Last Breath

3. Galaxy Racers

4. Ankush Free Fire

5. LVL Iconic

6. Nemesis

They will be joining the teams that had already qualified directly from the League Stage:- 

1. Sixth Sense

2. Total Gaming Esports

3. Team Elite 

4. Survivors 4AM

5. Team Captains

6. Team Chaos

Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring Grand Finals

These 12 teams will compete for the lion’s share of the 75 Lakh rupees prize pool. Who will be the champion of them all? To find out, watch the Grand Finals live on 21st March 2021, at 6 PM IST on our official Free Fire Esport India YouTube Channel.

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