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Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer – Format and Schedule

Free Fire Pro League will feature 18 teams, with 12 teams being directly invited. These teams are the same 12 that played in the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring Finals. The remaining 6 slots will be filled by teams who will qualify via our FFC Mode qualifiers. 

The Free Fire Pro League will follow a similar format as our previous tournaments. The 18 teams will be divided into 3 groups of 6 teams each. The group stages will be played across 6 days with each day featuring two groups. The top teams will move onto the grand finals of the tournament. There will be no inbetween play-in stage which means that teams must perform well in the group stage. 

Match Day 1 – 26 June

Match Day 2 – 27 June

Match Day 3 – 3 July

Match Day 4 – 4 July

Match Day 5 – 10 July

Match Day 6 – 11 July

Grand Finals – 18 July

Matches will be livestreamed on the Free Fire Esports India YouTube channel. Also, make sure to check out the FFC Mode Tutorial and Official teaser for Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer.

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