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Interview with the FFBC Champions ft. Agent-Zisan

Agent EXP is your Free Fire Bangladesh Championship winner! One of the key pillars of the team is Zisan. Today we sat down with him to get into the mind of a champion. We spoke about what he did to win the championship, and what he plans to do next?

Q. First of all, congratulations on winning the Free Fire Bangladesh Championship. How do you feel?

Zisan: A grand sense of accomplishment! This has been the most satisfying moment of my life. I will never forget it. What a thrill. What a journey. Everything that we had worked for, all the experience, determination, and discipline finally bore fruit. 

Q. During the tournament, was there any point where you felt like you wouldn’t win? Any stressful matches or situations? 

Zisan: Yes, I feel no shame to admit that I was stressed all throughout. Elbows weak and palms sweaty already. Just like that Eminem song haha. But other than stress, some situations were just downright frustrating. It really grinded our gears when someone tried to deliberately pick up lose-lose fights with us. Especially during the first two matches. We knew we had it in us to win, but we narrowly missed out on better placements in a few matches, Finally, when we got our first booyah, we relaxed a little and started playing more like ourselves. 

Q. What strategy did you use during the finals day?

Zisan: We were fully in the mood to bait errors out of our opponents. We knew that tensions were high and nerves could snap at any moment.  Everyone would try to be extra careful and develop hair triggers. In such situations, we just needed to be as cool and calm as possible. We knew that we were pretty good at early game battles, plus our drops were sorted so we did not worry about looting. We just focused on positioning ourselves better first. 

Q. What was different about this strategy from the previous league days?

Zisan: We used the league stages as information gathering stages. We assessed where we could face threats and where we would be safe. We weren’t afraid of fighting, that being said, we never overextended. There will always be a moment when all your strategies and all your best-laid plans go flying out of the window. In such situations, you can only trust your gut. Our survival instincts helped us stay alive. 

Q. What was going on in your head during that last match during that 1v1v1 clutch situation? 

Zisan: I just wanted to stay alive by hook or crook. When the team fight began, we tried to make sure our formation wasn’t destroyed beyond recognition, but the zone screwed us over. My survival instincts kept me alive but the zone wasn’t kind enough on my teammates. But then all of a sudden I realized that this was a 3-way battle. I remained calm and stayed alert for the proper timing to attack. 

Q. How do you plan to defend your title against the other teams who are looking up to you now? 

Zisan: By being original. People try to blindly copy other strategies. But that will never really work unless it fits your playstyle. We will keep playing and scrimming and trying out new stuff to see what works and what doesn’t. We are hoping that we can get some better tournament opportunities against stronger opponents so that we can keep improving. Somehow we should be very happy with our win. But we are actually more anxious. We can’t afford to slack off. 

Q. What will you do with the whopping prize money?

Zisan: I haven’t thought about it yet. I’ll try not to splurge it all out at once. Maybe I will buy more equipment to start streaming and improve other aspects of my gaming career. A new phone, or maybe some PC upgrades. There’s a lot on my mind and I’ll try to save some too. I’ll use my parent’s help to make some smart investing decisions. 

These were the thoughts of Agent EXP – Zisan, who was very successful in the finals and was one of the most dominant players. He was also arguably the main reason for his team’s success. Hopefully, this interview will give you insight as to what goes on inside the minds of champions and inspire you to start competing too.

FFBC Champion 2021 Agent EXP
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