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Taking a look back at Agent EXPs journey to winning Free Fire Bangladesh Championship

The champions of the Free Fire Bangladesh Championship have now been crowned and they are none other than Agent EXP. The team endured a thrilling grand final, winning the trophy with a margin of just 1 point. With 2 Booyah’s in the final 6 maps, the team showed that they thrived under pressure situations and were worthy of the crown. Perhaps the story of the entire tournament was their heated rivalry and epic clashes with The Jawbreakers who missed out on the championship by a single point. The competition saw the two teams clash with each other since the group stages, having been placed in the same group. The two teams would continue to spar until the finals where Agent EXP finally emerged victorious. 

Week 1: An early lead

Agent EXP established an early lead in Group B, building on a strong start in the opening two days. Although Team Xenon would win day 1, Agent EXP bounced back on day 2 to finish both their opening days in the top two positions and managed to take an early lead in the group. Their opening week was marked with consistent top place finishes along with a focus on securing kills and third partying fights. 

Week 2: The Rivalry begins

In week 2, The Jawbreakers impressed everyone with some thrilling performances on both days but Agent EXP still managed to hold on to their number 1 spot in group B at the end of the week. Thankfully for them, the rest of the teams in their group had a hard time in week 2, allowing Agent EXP to stay in the top 2 for both days as they picked up 17 points on each occasion. 


Week 3: The Tight Finish

With The Jawbreakers going strong, things were always about to go down to the wire in Group B. Although Agent EXP stayed in the running, their performance was far less impressive than their rivals. However, the early lead that they had accrued in week 1, came of use as ironically the team maintained a 1 point lead over The Jawbreakers by the time the week came to an end. Little did they know that a similar result awaited them at the end of the grand finals. 

Grand Finals: Winning by a whisker

Agent EXP’s grand finals win was undoubtedly one of the closest ones we’ve seen in Free Fire history and what a story we had in the inaugural edition of the Free Fire Bangladesh Championship. Much like the league stage, both Jawbreakers and Agent EXP went blow for blow in the last stages, much to the delight of the fans. Although Agent EXP secured two Booyahs, their arch-rivals remained consistent with both teams tied in terms of placement points at the end of the series. However, a single kill point separated Agent EXP from second place and allowed them to pick up the FFBC 2021 trophy as well as the winner’s check of a whopping 185K BDT. 

FFBC 2021 Winners
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