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Top 3 players to look out for in the FFIC 2021 Spring

Top Players FFIC Spring
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FREE FIRE ESPORTS INDIA, 17 FEBRUARY 2021: India’s top teams have gathered and are about to compete for the title of the ultimate champions. Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring will have some of the most talented teams duke it out in intense battles. Only with great coordination and synergy will these teams be able to win the competition. However, while we have already spoken about the top teams to look out for, today we will be taking a look at some of the players who have enough firepower to take down even the most well-coordinated squads.

1. GXR – VasiyoCRJ7

We don’t need to remind you who VasiyoCRJ7 is. He has crowned the best assaulter of the year in 2020. This star player has now joined the ranks of Team Galaxy Racer after winning the FFIC 2020 Fall last year with his ex-team Total Gaming Esports. 

He is indeed one of the most experienced players in the country. That experience shows when he clutched great frags at the Free Fire Continental Series against some of the best teams in the continent, and thus also getting the ‘Play of the year’ award for himself. He has already proven himself as the best rifler, but now he has taken on a new role. He will be leading his new team, which will put all his experience to the test. We are very excited to see what this veteran has in store for us.

2. TG-MafiaBala

MafiaBala is one of the most feared snipers in the country. He is one of those people who feel right at home even when he is running a double M82B setup. That means none of his enemies are ever safe behind gloo walls. He is the person who usually watches the back of his team, providing cover from far away while his teammates wreak havoc at close range. In case Total Gaming wants to gatekeep some other team, at that time you can rely on MafiaBala to act like Galdalf – he will never let you pass. Like a wizard, he will weave magic with his trigger finger and show you the most insane sniper shots one could ever see. 

3. 4UN – Swastik

Swastik unfortunately doesn’t get enough appreciation. He deserves a lot more. Statistically, he isn’t the most impressive player to look at. He takes on the riskiest role of rushing and always clears areas for his team. Of course, the rushers don’t always get the kills, but at least he does a great job of setting up the initial assault for his team. He tags ‘em, they bag ‘em. He does have the raw firepower to go up against some of the sharpest aimers in the country. He’s proficient with all weapons, be it ARs, Shotguns, or SMGs. Such versatility definitely makes him one of the players that you should definitely be keeping an eye on. 

The players listed here have been some of the most impactful players for their teams. Things go wrong in a game of Free Fire, and plans fail, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And these three players here are some of the toughest soldiers on the battlefield. Keep an eye on them while watching the Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring. Watch it live on Free Fire Esports India official YouTube Channel and Booyah, from 19th of February 2021 at 6 PM IST.

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