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Primis and Nulla Free Fire: Garena Renames the Characters Adam and Eve

Garena Free Fire: Garena Free Fire has changed the name of the two initial characters of the game. At first, Adam becomes Primis and Eve becomes Nulla in Free Fire.

Adam and Eve both are the initial characters of Garena Free Fire. They have no special skills, but you can use it without spending coins and diamonds and you can dress up them using skins (clothes, accessories, etc.). In addition, both characters are the only ones who can change their colour.

If you recently visited the ‘Characters’ section of Free Fire, you must have noticed that two new characters named ‘Nulla’ and ‘Primis’ have been added to the game. Now, you must be thinking that the developers neither shared any social media post nor promoted them through in-game banners; how is it possible?

Free Fire Primis Character:

Primis Character in Free Fire
Primis Character in Free Fire

Till yet Adam was the first initial male character of the game. But from now, the name of Adam becomes Primis. Now, Primis character in Free Fire is the new initial male character.

Free Fire Nulla Character:

Nulla Character in Free Fire

Till yet Eve was the first initial female character of the game. But from now, the name of Eve becomes Nulla. Now, Nullacharacter in Free Fire is the new initial female character of the game Garena Free Fire.

Are Primis and Nulla New Characters of Free Fire?

Yes, you’re correct the initial characters of Free Fire named ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ names have been removed. Yes, you are getting it right; Adam and Eve characters have been renamed Primis and Nulla.

Why Free Fire Changed Adam and Eve Characters Name?

The game developers have not given any updates for the changes. However, we can estimate that they were made for religious reasons. Since Adam and Eve are names from the Holy Bible. According to the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions, Adam and Eve were the first man and woman created by God
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Free Fire is a game available worldwide and on all servers, and the name of the characters remain the same. The same applies to the Adam and Eve characters also. It might have happened that players from any particular region have objected to the names.

That’s all. Enjoy your game.