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Pokemon Crystal Clear | Download Pokemon ROMs

Pokemon Crystal Clear: Pokemon Crystal is surely one of the best games in the series. As a result, many Pokemon ROM hacks based on the game, such as Pokemon Crystal Clear, have been released.

Pokémon Crystal Clear is an open world romhack of Pokémon Crystal by Shockslayer.

Players will be able to choose their starting region, customise their character, choose from a larger selection of starting Pokemon, and then explore the game world at their leisure, collecting Pokemon and Gym Badges in any order they see fit.

Every Pokémon from Generations 1 and 2 can be found in this game.

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Pokemon Crystal Clear

The player can choose between starting in Johto or Kanto and playing as Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Green (based on the manga version of the original source), Kris, a member of Team Rocket (both male and female versions), and Lana (a trainer inspired by the beta version of Red). The player can choose from a variety of starters pokemons, including Eevee, at the start of the game.

Due to its open world nature of the game, you can fight all of the gym leaders in any order you want, and all of Crystal’s roadblocks are gone.

Pokemon Crystal Clear Game Information

NamePokemon Crystal Clear
Current versionv2.4.3
Hack ofCrystal

Pokemon Crystal Clear Features

  • Transforms the game into an open-world adventure.
  • Badges can be earned in any order you want.
  • Without trading, all 251 Pokemon can be caught.
  • Ability to Re-challenge a Pokemon Gym.
  • The story’s elements have been removed.
  • Customization options for characters are limited.
  • In the wild, Pokemon do not scale.
  • The graphics are a little out of date.
  • Footprinting and Chaining (to help get the perfect Pokemon and hidden power).
  • Pokedex interface has been improved.
  • Buy a residence in any town.
  • There are a slew of other enhancements.

Pokemon Crystal Clear Screenshot

Pokemon Crystal Clear Screenshot 1

Pokemon Crystal Clear Screenshots
Pokemon Crystal Clear Screenshot 1

Pokemon Crystal Clear Download

Pokemon Crystal Clear Download v2.4.3 Standard

Click Here

Pokemon Crystal Clear Download v2.4.3 Color filter

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Pokemon Crystal Clear Docs

Pokemon Crystal Clear Github – Click Here

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