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Pokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina Rom | GBA ROM | Download Pokemon ROMs

Pokemon Dark Cry: Pokemon DarkCry is a hacked version of Pokemon FireRed that focuses on Sinnoh Pokemon and is regarded as one of the most popular hacks based on the original Pokemon games. As one of the series’ most notable antagonists, Team Rocket is featured prominently in the DarkCry version.

In addition, there is some profanity used. The Pokemon movesets in this version are based on the original movesets from the game. Since the hack’s release, the original creator hasn’t taken the time to address some of the more serious flaws.

As seen when Piplup evolves into Prinplup, who is only a standard water type, whereas it is a Water and Ground type in the DarkCry version, most notably after Mudkip and its final evolution. Swampert

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Pokemon Dark Cry

When you awoke, you realised you were lying in a cave, and everything was black and white. Nobody could hear what you were saying. However, you noticed two people standing near a dark altar. There was some sort of plate on the altar, which was odd. A “Shadow Plate” was being discussed by two people near the altar.

You tried to attack them with your pokémons, but they weren’t with you, and you couldn’t scream either. Then you noticed a man walking around with a “R” emblem on his shirt. You try to stop him, but he simply walks right past you.

You saw the person performing a strange ritual, and then there was a massive earthquake, followed by a massive shadow approaching you.

When you awoke, you realised it had all been a dream. You got out of bed, checked the time, and realised you were late for your first Pokemon hunt. You later realise that your dream is becoming a reality!

Pokemon Dark Cry Details

NamePokemon Dark Cry: The Legend of Giratina
Hack ofFire Red

Pokemon Dark Cry Features

  • New hero/heroine.
  • 4 new never showed fakemon.
  • New and better scripts.
  • New ASM routlines.
  • New proffesor.
  • New Battlegrounds.
  • New region.
  • New tekstbox.
  • New intro sprites.
  • New music.
  • Day&Night.
  • Harder then fire red.
  • New pallets.
  • New gymleaders.
  • The story will be complete told.
  • Two rivals.
  • Time based Events!
  • Ruins of Alph puzzel enable!
  • Side quests!
  • Brand new POKéPAPER!

Pokemon Dark Cry Hacksrepairman’s Version

  • Fixed tiles
  • Adds unfinished features like Climb boots
  • The four legendary fakemon: Regiwater, Regighost, Regifire and Pendular
  • The rest of the region (based off the world map)
  • The gyms (based off the badges)
  • Some events (to make the game less empty)
  • Some legendaries are catchable after you beat the league

Pokemon Dark Cry Screenshots

Pokemon Dark Cry Screenshots 1

Pokemon Dark Cry Screenshots
Pokemon Dark Cry Screenshots 1

Pokemon Dark Cry Download

Pokemon Dark Cry Download Alpha 2.1.5 Hotfix 2.6.7

Click Here

Pokemon Dark Cry Download Hacksrepairman’s Fix June 5, 2021 (Unofficial)

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