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Pokemon Dark Rising: Pokemon Dark Rising is a fan-made Pokemon game that was created by DarkRisingGirl and her team in 2012 and is based on Pokemon Firered. The game has evolved into a series, with additional games such as:

The storey continues in this direct sequel to the first game.

The plot of Pokemon Dark Rising is freakishly amazing and exciting to explore, and thousands of Pokemon fans have already played and supported the game. With stunning game designs, the game is jam-packed with new features, items, and skills.

Pokemon Dark Rising

Pokemon Dark Rising 1 Wiki Story: In a dream, the story begins. A Pokemon appears out of nowhere and chooses you, a young boy or girl, to save not only it, but the entire world.

You wake up with questions in your head. You step out into your hometown of Fells in the Core Region, deciding to ignore the dream for the time being. Your best friend, who had the same dream as you, greets you at the front door and informs you that the town’s Professor has sent you an emergency message.

When you first meet the professor, he quickly informs you of the various disasters and climate changes that have occurred throughout the Core Region. With his workers in a panic, he requests that you go to the delivery station and pick up a package from Prof.Oak for him.

As you begin this simple task, you come across a mysterious girl who appears to be aware of your dream about a creature known as Darugis. Following the delivery of the package, you and your friend, Pete, will be able to see a powerful Pokemon. You quickly engage in a battle with it, eager to put your early skills to the test against a powerful Pokemon.

The pokemon uses its strong winds to easily defeat your Pokemon while also knocking you out. Pete and your mother are patiently waiting for your recovery when you wake up in your room.

You quickly realise that this is only the beginning of a journey filled with many mysteries and powerful Pokemon that you can’t wait to face.

Pokemon Dark Rising Game Information

NamePokemon Dark Rising 1
Hack ofFireRed

Pokemon Dark Rising ROM Features

  • There are 386 Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova in this game.
  • The younger generation is on the move.
  • Abilities in the Dream World.
  • Instead of breeding, Pokemon will learn some of their best egg moves by levelling up.
  • Nurse Joy is up for a challenge.

Kaizo Features

  • Bugs and glitches have been fixed.
  • Extra plotline content for hours.
  • Scripts that are cleaner.
  • Battles that are reasonable.
  • New foes have emerged.
  • New Directions.
  • A new area has been established.
  • EVs have been removed.
  • Mini-bosses have been added.
  • Chanseys will heal you in the overworld.
  • A few ability changes have been made, as well as a few stat changes.

Pokemon Dark Rising Screenshots

Pokemon Dark Rising Screenshots 1

Pokemon Dark Rising Screenshots
Pokemon Dark Rising Screenshots

Pokemon Dark Rising ROM Download

Pokemon Dark Rising ROM Original DownloadClick Here

Pokemon DarkRising Kaizo Fixed DownloadClick Here

Pokemon Dark Rising Rom Docs

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