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Pokemon Dumbdumb Island | GBA ROMs | Download Pokemon ROMs

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island: Pokemon Dumbdumb Island is also one of the best Pokemon Emerald ROM Hacks.

Yeah, it is another qualified Pokemon fan-created game with Pokemon Emerald ROM hacks that we’d like to show you today. Please take some time to investigate these.

To begin the journey with Pokemon Dumbdumb Island, just download the Pokemon GBA ROM and enjoy

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Wiki/Story:

The “story” takes place on Dumbdumb Island, where some hikers have been stealing pokémon. This is a very short and gameplay-focused game, so don’t expect a lot of amazing storytelling. And the writing is pretty cringed. My goal with this hack was to just create fun and somewhat intense double battles. The difficulty should be higher than the regular games, assuming you don’t over-level.

The game is complete. There won’t be any updates unless major bugs are found. Enjoy Pokemon Emerald ROM hack with Pokemon Dumbdumb Island and begin the fun.

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Game Information

Name Pokemon Dumbdumb Island
Hack ofEmerald

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Features

  • Every trainer battle is a double battle
  • Increased accuracy for certain moves (100 for Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Leech Seed, Disable, Fury Cutter, Rock Tomb, Mud Shot, Icy Wind)
  • Four gyms and the elite four (so about 10 – 15 hours worth of content)
  • Gen 3 National Dex pokémon, but most high tier mons aren’t available to the player
  • A relatively forgiving level curve (highest level mons: gym 1: 12, gym 2: 16, gym 3: 20, gym 4: 24, elite four: 28)
  • Move tutors that can be reused

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Screenshot

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Screenshot 1

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Screenshot
Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Screenshot 1

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Download

Pokemon Dumbdumb Island Download – Click Here

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