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Pokemon FireGold Rom: Pokemon FireGold Rom is surely one of the best games in the series. As a result, many Pokemon ROM hacks based on the game, such as Pokemon Firegold, have been released. FireRed Rom Hacks is so popular among players that they want to try it in a variety of ways. Players also search for Pokemon FireRed GBA Hacks.

See more on Pokemon FireGold Rom Download and features below.

Pokemon FireGold Rom Wiki Story

An increased difficulty hack of FireRed, that incorporates the Johto region and the Gold/Silver storyline as a postgame. The Johto storyline is as close to the original as possible, with minimal alterations to suit the story so far.

Pokemon FireGold Rom Game Information

NamePokemon Fire Gold
Hack ofFireRed

Pokemon FireGold Rom Features

  • Along with the Gold/Silver storyline, Sevii Islands is replaced with Johto.
    Build a new team with a new starter Pokémon.
    Ecruteak can now swap teams due to the increased level curve in Johto.
  • Gym Leaders must be re-battled.
  • For Kanto and Johto, Vs. Seeker has been implemented.
  • Without trading, all Pokémon from Generations 1 and 2 are available.
  • Up to generation 8, P/S split, fairy-type abilities and attacks. Some Pokémon have new abilities, or their megas have new abilities.
  • TMs that can be reused.
  • It’s made to get you to level 100.
  • After winning your first league, you can start breeding.
  • After winning the first league, the National Dex was unlocked without the need for a Pokédex.
  • Increased difficulty; most trainers have six-person teams; items that can’t be used in battle.
  • On the rematch, the leaders may choose a different team. Each battle, Gold will use one of twenty different teams.

Pokemon FireGold Rom Screenshots

Pokemon FireGold Rom Download
Pokemon FireGold Rom Download

Pokemon FireGold Rom Download

Pokemon FireGold Rom Download (Hard mode) – Click Here

Pokemon FireGold Rom Download (Easy Mode) – Click Here

Pokemon FireGold Rom Download (Extreme Mode) – Click Here

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