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Pokemon Korosu Rom: If you enjoyed Pokemon Outlaw, you’ll enjoy Pokemon Korosu, the sequel. In Japanese, the word korosu means “kills.” That may seem morbid, but it’s one of the game’s features that allows you to kill enemy trainers. The killing is simply implied, and it occurs on a black screen, so there is no evidence of violence.

Korosu has some of the Outlaw dialogue, which is aimed at a slightly older audience, but it’s still Pokemon. This is a fascinating GBA ROM hack that was first released in 2016 and has recently been updated. When you want to be invested in a somewhat mature storey and more, this is an interesting hack to play.

Pokemon Korosu Rom Story Wiki

This is the story about a young woman who is in a difficult situation. Her family has been murdered, and she has been kidnapped and forced into a life of human slavery by a harsh, mafia-like criminal gang. Predictably She eventually escapes (with some assistance) and embarks on a quest for vengeance against those who have ruined her life.

The game will take place in two well-known locales. It will take place in the Sevii Islands at first. The second part will be set in Kanto. Both are a far cry from their predecessors. The Sevii Islands have become unstable, with various criminal groups controlling nearly all of them to varying degrees of strength. Kanto has been impacted by the events of Pokemon Outlaw and is in a dire state, far from the Kanto we all know and love.

Pokemon Korosu Rom Game Information

NamePokemon Korosu
Hack ofFire Red

Pokemon Korosu Rom Features

  • Physical/Special/Status Split(surprisingly easy to implement). Applies common sense to the battle experience.
  • BW2 repel system that asks if you want to use another repel after your repel is finished(provided that you have another repel of the same kind).
  • Some Gen 4-6 pokemon. Still mostly gen 1-3 pokemon but I decided to add some of my favs from other gens(spoiler: mostly as opponents. Though one will be given to you. ). It’s a very small list of Gen 4-6 pokes. Here’s the list:
    • Shinx and it’s evolutions
    • Leafeon(Leaf Stone), Glaceon(New Item: Ice Stone)
    • Roserade(Leaf Stone, IRC), Weavile(Ice Stone)
    • Gallade(Moon Stone on a Kirlia before it turns into a Gardevoir at lvl 35. Yes, there can be Female Gallade… Insert offensive gender identity joke here to distract from my lazyness
    • Lucario and 4 other pokemon that you’ll have to play the game to find out! 
  • Pokemon Tournament instead of Elite Four/Pokemon League. 64 trainer tournament, inspired my love for american college basketball and their 68 team “March Madness tournament”. Hopefully, it’ll be an enjoyable experience.
  • A completely new story, a bunch of new events and characters. I’d call it a new and unique Pokemon journey. Not merely a 8 badges, evil team, Elite four kind of game.
  • Main character kills a LOT of people. Probably unprecedented in any Pokemon hack.
  • No waiting to get running shoes. You get to run at the start of the freaking game. Why do you need special shoes to run? Also can run indoors.
  • Fixed that stupid trainer facing thing that made no sense,so you actually face the trainer if the trainer challenges you.
  • Trade evos by moon stone(some by water stone).
  • Still NO FISHING. DEATH TO FISHING! (Honestly, I don’t hate fishing. I just have no motivation to make fishing overworld sprites.)
  • Here’s good spot for a warning that this game will probably get really difficult at various points, particularly in the beginning(where you’re kind of put in a tough spot).
  • Also a good spot to tell you that the starter Pokemon for this game should be really obvious by now. If you still don’t know, play the game and find out.

Pokemon Korosu Rom Screenshots

Pokemon Korosu Rom Screenshots
Pokemon Korosu Rom Screenshots 1

Pokemon Korosu Rom Download

Pokemon Korosu Rom Download – Click Here

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