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Pokemon Stranded Rom Download

Pokemon Stranded Rom Download

Pokemon Stranded Rom: Pokemon Stranded takes a different route from a conventional Pokemon game in multiple ways. For starters, there are no Gyms or conventional Pokemon Trainers, no badges, no Pokemon Centers or Marts and so on.

Also, the main story for the game will be fairly short and straightforward but there will be thousands of side stories along the way and that is what the creator plan on making the main charm for this game. Most updates of the game will be about addition of new side quests which at first may not seem that fascinating but the creator is sure players will be looking forward to those updates as they progress in the game.

If you play Pokemon Stranded Rom, you will become addicted to the game and will want to play it nonstop for the rest of the day until you finish the storey.

Download Pokemon Stranded Rom and give it a try.

Pokemon Stranded Rom

Pokemon Stranded Rom Story Wiki: It was just another ordinary day when you left your house to meet Professor Oak and receive your first Pokemon and begin your own Pokemon adventure. Little did you know, it was anything but a ‘normal’ day! Team Rocket has infiltrated your town and is attempting to steal the Professor’s Pokemon, as you discover. And if you happen to run into one of the grunts, he’ll just teleport you to a random island with his Drowzee. He doesn’t seem to mind what happens to you after that!

And it is here that the game’s main plot begins. You’ve washed up on the beach of an unnamed, uninhabited island, and your mission now is to get back home!

Surf your way through the cluster of islands you’ve discovered around you, gradually uncovering the islands’ dark secrets. Collect information from various sources and piece it together to reveal the dark, gruesome mysteries that remained hidden within the islands and were unknown to the rest of the world! Some of the unsolved mysteries can be theorised, while others can be discovered using clues strewn about the island.

Pokemon Stranded Rom Game Information

NamePokemon Stranded
CreatorEntaro Ceraphenine
Hack ofFireRed

Pokemon Stranded Rom Features

Pokemon Stranded Rom Screenshots

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Pokemon Stranded Rom Download

Pokemon Stranded Rom Download (v0.1.4)Click Here

Pokemon Stranded Rom Docs

Pokemon Stranded Rom Docs – Click Here

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