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Free Fire City Open

Free Fire City Open: Finals Teams for Kolkata regional finals

Free Fire Esports India had revealed the final teams who will take part in Kolkata regional finals in for the uccoming Free Fire City...
Free Fire

Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer – Format and Schedule

Free Fire Pro League will feature 18 teams, with 12 teams being directly invited. These teams are the same 12 that played in the...
Free Fire City Open

Free Fire City Open – Frequently Asked Questions

The registrations for the Free Fire City Open started off from 26th Apr 2021 via in-game FFC Mode and you might have encountered various questions regarding the...
Can India teams dominate the Free Fire Tri Series?

Can India teams dominate the Free Fire Tri Series?

India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh - six teams each from these three countries will be battling each other in the Free Fire Tri-Series that is...
Free Fire Tri Series

Free Fire Tri Series Teams, Groups and Schedule

The Free Fire Tri-Nation series pits the best teams from the South Asian region as we look to strengthen the domestic competition and give...
Free Fire Tri Series

Free Fire Tri-Series: Tournament Announcement

Worlds collide, nations rise and fall, regimes change. But pride… pride lives on forever. It is eternal. All-surpassing, ever-living. And the thirst for pride...
Free Fire Bangladesh Championship

Interview with the FFBC Champions ft. Agent-Zisan

Agent EXP is your Free Fire Bangladesh Championship winner! One of the key pillars of the team is Zisan. Today we sat down with...

Interview with the winners of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring – GALAXY RACERS

Galaxy Racer is your champion of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring. They pulled off a mind-blowing clutch to win the tournament. After trailing...
Liga Brasileira de Free Fire

As jogadas que garantiram Booyah! na final da LBFF 4 – Free Fire

Nove quedas tão emocionantes e com peso enorme para os jogadores! Neste sábado, dia 20 de março, tivemos a grande final da LBFF 4...
Free Fire Bangladesh Championship

Taking a look back at Agent EXPs journey to winning Free Fire Bangladesh Championship

The champions of the Free Fire Bangladesh Championship have now been crowned and they are none other than Agent EXP. The team endured a...