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Free Fire: AjjuBhai94 Phone Number, Real Photo And All Details

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Ajjubhai94 AKA Total Gaming: Ajjubhai94 is the most popular name in the Free Fire India Gaming Community. Here we are going to discuss on AjjuBhai94 Phone Number, Real Photo And All Details. He runs a gaming channel on YouTube as Total Gaming.

Ajjubhai’s real name is Ajay. However, he hasn’t disclosed his last name yet. Further details on Ajay is taken from an exclusive interview with | Till yet only very close persons to Ajay know the full real name of Ajjubhai94. Sometimes ago a trend was viral on Ajjubhai WhatsApp Number or Ajjubhai Phone number. But it was fake videos and proofs.

Ajay aka Ajjubhai also has an Esports team. His Esports team is famous as Total Gaming Esports in Free Fire. Team members are TG-FozyAjay, TG-MafiaBala, TG-VasiyoCRJ, and TG-Golden. They are the champions of Free Fire India Championship 2020 (FFIC).

Ajay AKA Total Gaming is the 2nd Top Breakout Creators of 2020 on YouTube. Where CarryMinati is the 1st one and Amit Sharma aka Amit Bhai from Desi Gamers YouTube Channel becomes 4th in this list. You can find more details of the interview of Ajay with Sportskeeda at below.

Question 1. Who is ajju bhai aka Total Gaming?
Answer: I am one of the biggest gaming content creators in India. I love to play games.

Question 2: How did Total Gaming gain interest in this field?
Answer: I was not into gaming during my childhood, but I spotted a boy at my office playing Free Fire once. Since then, I started gaining interest in the game.
I also used to watch a lot of videos on Free Fire, which further encouraged me to start a YouTube channel.

Question 3: What does Total Gaming do apart from Gaming?
Answer: I work as a Growth Hacker.

Question 4: What social media handles does total Gaming has?
Answer: I use Instagram (@totalgaming_official), Facebook (@Total Gaming), and Youtube (Total Gaming).

Question 5: What is the real name of Total Gaming?
Answer: My real name is Ajay. I don’t want to disclose my last name.

Question 6: What is the reason behind your in-game name AjjuBhai94?
Answer: I got my name “Ajju Bhai” from the movie Welcome Back.

Question 7: What is your role in your competitive lineup?
Answer: I am the team owner and also act as the 5th player of my team.

Question 8: What did Total Gaming do during his school days?
Answer: I was a good student and opted for Science as my subject for Higher Education.

Question 9: Where does Total Gaming live?
Answer: I stay in Gujarat.

Question 10: Which is your favorite Indian Free Fire moment of all time?
Answer: I don’t have a favorite moment as such. There is a new surprising in-game moment almost every month.

Question 11: On what platform do you prefer playing Free Fire?
Answer: I earlier used to play only on PC, but have now shifted to mobile version due to the competitive side of the game.

Question 12: What is Total Gaming’s FreeFire ID?
Answer: My Free Fire ID is 451012596, and IGN is ajjubhai94.

Question 13: Where can I buy Total Gaming merchandise?
Answer: I haven’t launched my merchandise yet, but plan to do it in the future.

Question 14: Where does Total Gaming see himself in five years?
Answer: I haven’t thought much about the future. Gaming in India is currently in its early days. I play Free Fire but would love to expand to other titles in the future.

Question 15: What questions do fans ask you the most, and what is the answer?
Answer: Fans are always eager to know when I will reveal my face. I want to tell you that I might reveal my face after 3 or 4 years only.

At this moment Ajay has 18.3 million subscribers on his main Total Gaming YouTube channel and 4.2 million subscribers on Total Gaming Live YouTube channel. He has 2.2 million followers on his Instagram account. Ajjubhai regularly uploads 2 videos on his Total gaming YouTube channel. Almost all of his videos trend on YouTube’s Gaming trending page.

Ajjubhai fans are really waiting to see Ajjubhai real photo and Ajjubhai real face. Some viral videos show Ajjubhai face reveal but these all videos are fake. So, just ignore just Ajjubhai94 face reveal viral videos. Along with this, no one has Ajjubhai phone number or Ajjubhai WhatsApp Number. So, don’t be misled by anyone.

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Ajay also runs giveaways to engage with his audience. And he becomes Top Breakout Creators of 2020 on YouTube as per YouTube India’s official post. That’s all now for Ajjubhai94 aka Total gaming.

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