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Free Fire: Top 5 Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range Fights

Garena Free Fire is a very famous free battle royale game available for Android and iOS devices. Here players have to fight each other on an island and keep alive till last to be a winner. But choosing the best gun combination is extremely important to winning the matches in game.

While players use assault rifles and snipers in the game for long-range, but they should have a short-range gun in their armoury. When the zone shrinks and players come close to each other, they need to join the short-range fight to rush on the opponents. And short-range guns are extremely needed in the last zone fight.

So, here we will look at the top 5 Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range Fights. So that you can win more and more matches and Booyah.

Top 5 Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range Fight

1. MP5

MP5 is one of the best submachine guns in Free Fire. MP5 has a high rate of fire and its recoil is very low. It outshines other submachine guns in terms of stability but loses its effectiveness over far distances. And with its MP5 Thermal Booster its rate of fire speed as well as damage increases over multiple times.

Free Fire MP5 SMG Gun - Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range
Free Fire MP5 SMG Gun (Image: Garena Free Fire)

It also works very well without skin in short and mid-range flights. Its attachments are Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine and Scope. But it is not recommended to do not use MP5 with a silencer.

2. M1887

M1887 is a very good shotgun with high damage. It is Large-caliber double-shot shotgun. It is threatening to enemies at close range. It generates multiple damages in one shot on enemies. mostly, it kills a player with just two shots. So, it had created disbalance in-game when it was first introduced. After updates, the damage by this gun has reduced by some percent to maintain the balance of weapons in-game.

Free Fire M1887 Shotgun - Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range
Free Fire M1887 Shotgun (Image: Garena Free Fire)

M1887 shotgun works well in short-range fights in Free fire and it doesn’t support any attachments. But still, it is a favourite shotgun of many players. it is popular as “do goli wali shotgun” in game.

3. MP40

If you’re looking to spray on enemies in game, then you must be an MP40 lover. It’s amazing how stable this submachine gun is despite its insane rate of fire. Extremely powerful in the short-range. However, this gun is unable to equip any attachments other than a magazine.

Free Fire MP40 SMG Gun - Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range
Free Fire MP40 SMG Gun (Image: Garena Free Fire)

It also works well just with a long magazine. Its attachments are Foregrip, Magazine and Stock. The fire rate has made this gun as a killer one.

4. M1014

Shotguns are a very easy to finish an enemy in short range fights. But sometimes they can be unreliable in case of reloading speed. M1014 is a shotgun which is used to quickly decimate your nearby opponents.

Free Fire M1014 Shotgun - Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range
Free Fire M1014 Shotgun (Image: Garena Free Fire)

It works well in short range fights and gives high damage to the enemy. But players mostly ignore it for it’s reloading speed.

5. Thompson

Thompson is a quite new gun in the game. But players has started to use this for most of the battles. It’s a submachine gun which works well in short and mid-short range fights. It supports muzzle or silencer, foregrip, and stock.

Free Fire Thompson SMG Gun - Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range
Free Fire Thompson SMG Gun (Image: Garena Free Fire)

Use it and give a feedback in the comments. But do not use Thompson with a silencer.

These are some best guns of Free Fire which are currently available in Classic and Rank matches. You can also try each one in Clash Squad mode and make sure which gun perfectly suits in your hand.

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FAQ Related to Best Gun in Free Fire for Short Range

  1. Is MP5 Better than MP40?

    MP5 and Mp40 both are submachine guns available in Classic/Rank/Clash Squad Matches in Free Fire. Without Gun a Skin MP5 seems to be better than MP40.

  2. MP40 vs Thompson: Which one is better?

    Both are good at their level. But MP40 can have 20 bullets at a time and Thompson can have 42 (without any magazines).

  3. M1887 vs MP40: Which one is best gun in Free Fire?

    Both are best. You have to choose either spray on enemies or kill them in just two shot.

  4. Which is the best gun skin of MP40 in Free Fire?

    As far Flashing Spade Gold coloured MP40 Skin is best till yet. Famous YouTuber Ajjubhai94 using the skin.

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