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Does Fire Button Size Matter for Headshot in Free Fire?

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Fire Button Size X Headshot in Free Fire: Garena Free Fire is one of the most trending battle royale game on the internet. Today we will talk about Free Fire Headshot relation along with the Fire button and its size. Does Fire Button Size really Matter for Headshot in Free Fire? Let’s see it.

If you’re completely new in Free Fire, then our suggestion will: play this game for at least 1 to 3 months depending upon your playing time, learn its basic mechanism and playing method. When you will have a better experience of the game you can better understand this Free Fire tips and tricks.

Fire Button Size X Free Fire Headshot Setting

Free Fire Mobile Gameplay
Fire Button Size X Headshot in Free Fire

You can headshot upon the enemy in Free Fire to kill your enemy instantly. It is a fair and best way to get instant kills and it also confirms your kills rather than normal body shots. If you are playing the game for a long time then you can understand the adjustment of the Custom HUD and its effect on the gameplay.

Many esports players, YouTubers have their own custom HUD to play the game in a very smart and comfortable way for them. Now it is to be noted that a particular custom HUD can’t be useful for all. So, you need to have your own custom HUD if you feel that will make your gameplay easier.

But does the fire button size matter for headshot in Free Fire?

The reply will be yes, fire button size, position and location can directly impact on your headshots as well as normal body shots. The default position and size of the fire button is enough for any player to play the game smoothly. But if you’re a fan of drag headshot in Free Fire, then you might need to adjust the size of the fire button as well its position.

If you use AR guns a lot instead of snipers then you need to adjust your fire button size as your comfort. But if you’re mainly working as a sniper player in your team then the default fire button is ok for you. The same applies to SMG weapons.

However, we would suggest not to change your custom HUD all the time especially the fire button for headshots. Here is the best way to adjust your fire button size in Free Fire for headshots.

  1. Create a custom room
  2. Invite your friend as opponent. Better if you can play 4 vs 4 or 1 vs 4.
  3. Play as more matches you can play.
  4. Understand your mistakes during the shot-connect.
  5. Adjust your Custom HUD as well as sensitivity settings.

This also depends upon your device. If you’re playing on a very low-end smartphone then obviously you don’t need to focus on drag or headshots. But if you have a modern smartphone with higher specification then you have to play as more matches you can play to understand and find better settings for you. Find out more Free Fire Tips and Tricks from here.

After all it all depends on your practice and learning. Your practice will define your performance during gameplays and esports matches.

Warning: Do not use any external file(s) or hack(s) to do headshot in game. Garena Free Fire has zero tolerance for hackers.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your game.

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