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Free Fire: Diwali Event “Light Up Bermuda” Free Magic Cube, Emotes, Gun Skins and More

Free Fire Diwali Event 2020

Now the Halloween events is passed, it’s the time for Free Fire Diwali Event which has already started in-game. Garena Free Fire has named it as “Light up Bermuda” event.

The Free Fire event Diwali Calendar has already available in the game where you can check event dates and dates. Let us tell you about the Free Fire Diwali Event 2020 rewards shortly.

Players have to collect diwali tokens in game whenever they will play matches. Then you have redeem the diwali tokens. This redeem period will be valid from 7th November to 9th november 2020. In this period you can redeem the diwali token with various rewards like, Level 8 Character card, Level 4 character card, Weapon Royale voucher and Supply Armory.

Total 63 diwali token will be need to redeem all the rewards in Diwali Preparation event page.

Players will get 3 emotes for free which are ‘Shake with me’, ‘Moon Flip‘ and the last one is ‘Party Dance’. The available gun skins for in light Up Bermuda event are M4A1, AN94, Scar and MP40. You have to collect DIYAS in-game to get the rewards in the Light Up Bermuda event page.

The main interesting this is “Free Fire Diwali Ludo“. You will get a chance to get an exclusive male costume bundle by rolling dice in Free Fire Diwali Ludo Event.

Next is Free Fire Diwali Balloon Burst event. You will get a good looking female bundle in this event.

Now, finally to get free Magic Cubes in Free Fire Diwali Event, all you have to do just play the game and collect tokens. When the metre will reach 100 all the players will get Magic Cube in their collection. All players have to play the game till the 14th November and boost the Diwali Metre to 100.

Beside, of this Free Fire with Singer Ritviz Official both has released a new Diwali 2020 Song: Jeet.

Garena notes that ‘Light Up Bermuda’ is their third campaign dedicated to its Indian player base. The first was its digital and outdoor campaign, #IndiaKaBattleRoyal. Following that, it partnered with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan in its ‘Be The Hero’ campaign.

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