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Pokemon Fuligin Rom: Prepare to be enthralled by yet another epic Pokemon adventure. The first few chapters of Pokemon Fuligin are nearly identical to those of the original FireRed game, with the exception that your brother is involved with Team Rocket and is causing you a lot of grief.

Your brother will then persuade you to join Team Rocket, and the storey will continue until you are in charge of the team. The storey of Pokemon Fuligin is quite exciting and intriguing, which is why you should try it out right now.

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Story Wiki

You are a young boy or girl who lives in the small town of Alora with your mother and brother. Professor Oak has a lab there, and the storey begins similarly to the original Fire Red, with the acquisition of your first pokemon and the creation of a pokedex, and so on. You soon discover that your brother is a member of Team Rocket, and that he is dragging you into trouble as well. Later, he persuades you to join them because, after all, they’re not so bad… After that, you must work your way up the ranks until you are able to lead Team Rocket. Meanwhile, a couple of pokemon on a mission to rule the world go berserk and terrorise the populace.

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Game Information

NamePokemon Fuligin
Hack ofFireRed

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Features

  • All of the Pokemon from the first three generations are playable.
  • To evolve any Pokemon, you don’t need to trade.
  • Play on the rocket team’s side.
  • Elite 4 and new gym leaders
  • The difficulty will gradually increase.
  • There are approximately 30 hours of gameplay.

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Screenshots

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Screenshots
Pokemon Fuligin Rom Screenshots 1

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Download

Pokemon Fuligin Rom DownloadClick Here

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Docs

Pokemon Fuligin Rom Pokemon Locations – Click Here

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