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Pokemon Mega Power: Do you want to see a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Emerald Rom hacks? This is a game that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Pokemon Mega Power is a ROM hack based on the game Pokemon Emerald. You will feel the wrath of Mega Evolution Pokemon with Pokemon Mega Power.

This is the best and most recommended of all the GBA Mega Evolution games to play. Everything in the game has changed, including the battle scene, features, music, game design, and nearly everything else.

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Pokemon Mega Power Wiki Story

Neil/Tyra is a great scientist who went on to become a professor. He or she has a fantasy. He/she has conducted numerous experiments in order to create the strongest Pokemon possible. He/she does not, however, have sufficient funds. At this point, a businessman named Kasper approaches the young professor and offers to help with the project, but the Professor must share the success with him. He/she accepted Kasper’s contribution without hesitation in order to achieve his/her goal. As the young genius learns that Kasper is the leader of a secret team known as “Team Delta,” he/she begins to wonder if he/she should keep up with him. Why does Kasper require the project? What is he going to do? The young professor must decide whether to keep going or not.

Pokemon Mega Power ROM Game Information

NamePokemon Mega Power
Hack ofEmerald

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Features

  • New gyms in a new region.
  • All of the mega-evolutions
  • Some Pokemon from the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations.
  • There are some new tiles.
  • A great deal more.

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Screenshots

Pokemon Mega Power Rom
Pokemon Mega Power Rom Screenshots 1
Pokemon Mega Power Rom
Pokemon Mega Power Rom Screenshots 2

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Download

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Download (Beta 5.62) – Click Here

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Docs

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Detailed Walkthrough by Allen Chingonzoh – Click Here

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Pokemon Locations + Hidden Items Guide by Olivia R. – Click Here

Pokemon Mega Power Rom Walkthrough – Click Here

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