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Pokemon Resolute: Introducing Pokemon Emerald, a new and better version that has been well received by Pokemon ROM hacks fans. The greatness of Pokemon Resolution Version has surpassed that of its original game, Pokemon Emerald.

Mega Evolution is included in Pokemon Resolute, and it is a really astounding feature that every fan desired. To advance in the game and defeat all of your opponents, use this function.

There will always be an evil team attempting to bypass the regions and create disruption, as with other Pokemon rom hacks.
It’s Team Mirage, and you’ll meet and battle each of its members as you progress. Make careful to defeat them using your skills and Pokemon group; you must stop these evil forces and restore peace to the land.

Pokemon Resolute Version

This hack is about a Sylon trainer named Logan/Alm who resides in Cedar City. Professor Avery summons you to his laboratory one day. While travelling there, you discover that Team Mirage, the group that collapsed in Tyron a year ago, is attempting a resurgence and has declared that they will begin a “reform.” What does it mean to “reform”?

The trainer will travel across Sylon in search of a solution…

Pokemon Resolute Version Game Information

NamePokemon Resolute Version
Hack ofEmerald

Pokemon Resolute Version Features

  • New gyms and a new region.
  • Discover 3 different regions (Sylon, Tyron and Johto).
  • The Battle Department is a battleground for trainers from all around the world.
  • Pokemon from the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh generations.
  • New tiles have been installed.
  • Mega Evolutions is a term used to describe a series of events
  • Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales are two examples.

Pokemon Resolute Version Screenshot

Pokemon Resolute Version Screenshot 1

Pokemon Resolute Version Screenshot 1
Pokemon Resolute Version Screenshot 1

Pokemon Resolute Version Download

Pokemon Resolute Version Download v2.78 – Click Here

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